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Jubilee Hall, School Road, Brewood
Staffordshire, ST19 9DS

Telephone: 0800 389 3987

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Get a FREE 7 day trial lesson pass for Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Karate Classes in Brewood with unique classes for men, women and children. Simply call 0800 389 3987.

Welcome to Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts

Our fully qualified team of ex-servicemen and civilian Martial Arts and Kickboxing instructors at BMMA teach discipline, respect and confidence as part of their martial arts classes.

Lessons taught

Little Soldiers - 4 yrs - 7 yrs   

Cadets - 8 yrs - 11 yrs

Adults - 12 yrs +

All adult classes at British Military Martial Arts in Brewood are based around kickboxing and military style fitness training. For full information about the current classes and times on offer for both adults and children contact us free on 0800 389 3987 today and book your free 7 day trial lesson pass.


Jack Evans

I originally started Shotokan Karate when I was 6 years old, I started for no other reason other than that I wanted to be a Power Ranger, after 3 years of hard training I acheived my first Black Belt. throughout these years I had been taking part in many competitions but was not really succesful.

I then moved on and joined Lee Matthews Black Belt Acadamy, I joined the club when I was 10 as I wanted to become a better fighter, after a lot of hard work and effort I won my first British Championship in 2006, this gave me a massive boost to strive for perfection and win as much as I could.

In the meantime Lee had offered me a small part-time job to help out in classes, when I was 15 I choose to do my work experience with Lee Matthews BBA. As I enjoyed myself, I knew that I wanted to do this as a career.

At 16 I did a 2 year apprenticeship at the club, once this was finished Lee offered me a full-time job which is what I am still currently doing. It's great teaching kids and watching them progress in confidence, skill and passion for the sport. I now run three of my own schools in Stafford under Lee Matthews BBA:-

John Wheeldon Primary School (Mondays 3.45 - 5pm)

St Pauls Primary School (Mondays 6pm - 7.15pm)

Brewood Middle School (Wednesdays 4.15 - 5.30)

Currently I am 19 years old, but have been lucky enough to have some great experiences for my age, encluding representing my country and team mates on many occations in countries like: Ireland, Serbia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, New York, Florida, Czech Republic and many more. In October 2011 I achieved my ultimate goal, and became WMKF World Champion. In the new year I will be training even harder and can't wait for some of my own students to start competing and WINNING!