School Address

The Fitness Academy, First Floor, 2 Grant Avenue, Leeds
West Yorkshire, LS7 1RQ

Telephone: 07768 472345

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Learn Martial Arts & Kickboxing In Leeds- Transform Your Body And Fitness Levels Starting Today.

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Free trial martial arts lessons in Leeds

Get a FREE 7 day trial lesson pass for Martial Arts, Kickboxing and Karate Classes in Leeds with unique classes for men, women and children. Simply call 0800 389 3987.

Welcome to Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts

Our fully qualified team of ex-servicemen and civilian Martial Arts and Kickboxing instructors at BMMA teach discipline, respect and confidence as part of their martial arts classes.

Lessons taught

Little Soldiers - 4 yrs - 7 yrs   

Cadets - 8 yrs - 11 yrs

Adults - 12 yrs +

All adult classes at British Military Martial Arts in Leeds are based around kickboxing and military style fitness training. For full information about the current classes and times on offer for both adults and children contact us free on 0800 389 3987 today and book your free 7 day trial lesson pass.

Where to find the British Military Martial Arts Academies in Leeds:

  • The Fitness Academy, 2 Grant Avenue, Leeds, LS7 1RQ
  • Mothercare Care Point, Junction Street, Leeds, LS10 1ET
  • Lower Worthley Methodist Church, Branch Road, Leeds, LS12 5PJ
  • Marston St James Church, Church Lane, Leeds, LS15 8JB
  • BMMA (The basement), Kentmere Av, Sea Croft, Leeds, LS14 1BW


Charlotte Thomas

Charlotte Thomas from the Lee Matthews Military Martial Arts branch in Leeds.

I have been training since the age of 8 and Martial Arts has always been my biggest passion in life. I opened up the branch in Leeds in September 2009 and haven't looked back since. We have also just opened our own full time Academy so that the students can enjoy the advantages of training in their own facilities. I am very approachable and will help to get the best out of all students. We aim to run as a family and get together for social events for both children and adults.

First started training:

1994 ( Aged 8 )

Martial Arts Experience:

• 3rd Dan Black Belt Olympic Tae Kwon Do

• REPs qualified Personal Trainer

• Experience in Self Defence, Kickboxing, Hap Ki Do and Thai Boxing

• Sports/Nutrition Specialist


• Current British Champion

• ETU European Championships Runner Up Champion (Forms & Sparring)

• Competed in South Korea medalled Silver (Forms & Sparring)

• Fighter for the Cyprus National Team

• Army Tae Kwon Do Champion

• Combined Services Tae Kwon Do Champion

• Competed across UK, Holland, Germany, Cyprus, Turkey, Kazikistan, S.Korea

• Began University at 16

• Operational Deployment with the British Army to Afghanistan

                                                                               • Forming British Military Martial Arts Leeds